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          New Technology Laser Hair Removal With Fiber Technology No Consumable Parts Optical Laser 808nm Machine

          Short Description:

          Product Detail

          Product features

          1.?This?device?is medical extra?corporeal laser?treatment?equipment. It is?categorized into Class?Ⅲ?in China, America and Canada and Class?IIb in EU?according to the relevant regulations?

          2. By the classification rules based on the safety of medical devices, this machine belongs to type I and ordinary?movable equipment.

          3.?Good?protection to harmful liquid.?this machine is ordinary equipment.

          Product Specifications

          Light Source

          ?Fiber laser





          Output Energy


          Pulse width

          10-400ms adjustable

          ???Pulse frequency


          Spot size


          ???Cooling system

          Thermal electric cooling + water cooling+ Air cooling+sapphire contact cooling for laser head

          ??Crystal temperature


          ??????LCD screen

          ??????10.4?inch 24 color multi color touch screen

          Power requirement

          AC220V±10%,50Hz, AC110V±10%,60Hz

          Laser water temperature


          Net Weight



          46cm?*?42mm?* 105cm

          Fiber diode laser emitter:


          1.Energy?density?is?adjustable within certain range. (1-80 J/cm2)

          2.Pulse?frequency is adjustable.

          3. Different?skin type treatment protocol is offered. ?

          4.Fast?mode is designed for painless and fast hair removal.?Energy density and frequency can be set freely.

          5.Offer data inquiry function.

          6.Hand?piece cooling function assures safe and comfortable treatment.

          7.Four truckles are installed in the bottom of main frame and equipment can be moved only by loosing the brakes of truckles.

          8.?Emergency?switch,?key switch,?and?foot switch?are set for safe use.??

          9.This machine is all controlled by micro computer and the display is liquid crystal screen. The main components adopt LSI and view field?which?is clear and reliable. This machine adopts modularization design and the structure is clear and can be installed and maintained conveniently. ?

          10.This machine is intelligent control and touch operation. Visible display makes?the operation easy, safe and convenient.

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